Freitag, 25. Oktober 2013

Ausstellung Kulturforum Amthof, Feldkirchen 23.10. -22.11.2013 

Great exhibition - more details here:
 Fürstlicher Senf, but also Ketchup. (Photo: © Susanne Laggner-Primosch)
 Petar Pismestrovic, Bernd Ertl, Sinisa Pismestrovic (Photo: © Susanne Laggner-Primosch)

Dienstag, 26. Februar 2013

Oooooh soooooleeeeee mioooo!

 It looked as if a certain Silvio Berlusconi successfully managed to return to the political arena, despite the fact that his previous actions had severly damaged his reputation (for good reason, I believe). Anyhow, I really liked the idea of this undead...coming back...again...and again...much to the understandable dismay of a lot of Italians...

 Prints are of course available on request, like always.

Mittwoch, 23. Januar 2013

Have I got NEWS for you ?

Oh yes, today starts a 3 part series of caricature portrait playing cards in the magazine NEWS-
the cards feature the Austrian Ski Team, and are being published just in time for Ski World Championship starting in Schladming, Austria soon. So here comes the first set:

These cards are ONLY available in NEWS, so get them while you can!!