Montag, 30. August 2010

Another winner: my Michael Cera comes 1st in CARICATURAMA Showdown 3000!

Another week, another challenge...Michael Cera, rising comedy star:
Here is a crop of the final piece, some 80%:
Hope you like, comments & crits are welcome!

Montag, 23. August 2010

Christoph Schlingensief,

24.10.1960 - 21.8.2010

Donnerstag, 19. August 2010

Anne Hathaway Portraiture

I don't get around to do much free work these days, here is an Anne Hathaway that I did a few weeks ago, when there was more time for such kind of work. The finished piece is 90 x 60 cm.
This was inspired by a very captivating shot of Anne Hathaway - in a sense she is not a classic beauty, I really like the quality of her expression in this one- hope you like!

Another 2nd place at Caricaturama....some weeks ago with M.I.A !

This is my first portraiture (who coined that term, Robin Crowley?) done entirely in Photoshop. One of Jason Seiler's students commented on the mysterious brush #24, well...I gave it a go! Hope you like!

Dienstag, 17. August 2010

Gerard Depardieu - Caricaturama 3rd place!!

3rd week in a row among the first 3 of Caricaturama...thanks for the votes!!
Was painted in Corel Painter XI, 6362 x 5543 pixels big.
Here my portrait of Gerard Depardieu:

Here is the sketch:

Comments are welcome!!