Mittwoch, 19. Mai 2010

Pictures at an exhibition: ILLU-Styria

Hi all, since my exhibition is still on, here some shots from the location, Winery Schilhan in South Styria, Austria:

The architecture of the tasting room and cellar is really something- it's been dubbed "Crocodile rock" due to the fascination the owner, Willi Schilhan, shows for rock music. The building literally snuggles on top of the hill's crest, right inbetween the vinyards- to give you an impression what it is like there:

Although this wasn't taken right at that specific winery it gives a good impression of the lovely landscape. A friend of mine called it once jokingly "The shire" referring to Tolkien's book- except people aren't midgets there and only some have hairy feet ;)

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